The following links will help keep you informed about the current status of fires and evacuations in and around our area.
  • Rogue Workforce Partnership has been awarded $8,073,654 in new federal grants to help the region respond to the recent wildfire disaster, as well as other impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Disaster Recovery Employment Grants
  • The Oregon Debris Management Task Force is happy to announce that the State of Oregon will provide no-cost wildfire ash and debris cleanup for all homes and businesses in the eight counties affected by the disastrous September wildfires, regardless of FEMA reimbursement. This includes mobile home parks, second homes, businesses, and other structures. Learn more at Please see the full press release in OEM’s newsroom, and a video about cleanup here.


Rogue Credit Union is supporting local families, communities and relief efforts affected by the Almeda/Glendower, Obenchain and other surrounding fires. Donations are tax deductible and will go to our local non-profits, designed specifically for assisting impacted families and rebuilding our communities.

Rogue Credit Union will not be disbursing funds directly to individuals. Please contact the Red Cross, United Way, Access or other local organizations for request for assistance.

ROTARY REBUILDS SOUTHERN OREGON  (United Rotary Clubs of Southern Oregon)

Southern Oregon Rotary clubs have come together to help with business recovery.  One of the Objects of Rotary is the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations. What a poignant statement in these times and provides us with our call to action. Funded by a large grant from Rogue Credit Union and additional funds donated by regional Rotary Clubs, we are providing small grants through our “BACK to WORK” Program.

  1. Sole Proprietors Tool Replacement
  2. Small Business Equipment Replacement
  3. Business with Employees that Have No Insurance or are Under-Insured

We are ready to collaborate and coordinate with other organizations and local governments to rebuild what was lost in the Almeda, Obenchain and surrounding fires.